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Which place has the Man in our organizations?

The answer to this question justifies our position of leader in the field of the Human Resources Counselling. The man, as an employee, partner or associated is our subject of principal concern. Our ambition is to accompany you in the acquisition and the development of your Human Resources:

  • Definition of a directing diagram of human resources;
  • To prepare handbooks of procedures;
  • To set up a human Resources information system;
  • To define an internal plan of communication.

Some fields of strategic actions
  • The Evaluation interview
  • Remuneration policy
  • Salary Wages
  • Forecasting Human Resources
  • Training Engineering
  • Satisfaction studies
  • The management of careers
  • The Assessment of competencies
  • Administrative and legal Assistance
  • Temporary Workforce

Our Ethics




We respect the professional secrecy as well with regard to the companies as of the people. We only accept the missions concerning our field of competences and entrusted on a purely exclusive basis. We work for the satisfaction of the customer.

Our objectives

To develop new working methods in the counselling of the companies and organizations, particularly in the management of human resources;

To develop a more committed approach of the counselling for our customers and that is adapted to the cultural context;

To train consultants in conformity to our design of the counselling.

Our Quality Chart

1. Method
2. Implication
3. Professionalism
4. Rigor
5. Commitment
6. Confidentiality
7. Innovation
8. Expertise

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